Bodega Bay Beach/Dunes Trail Ride

Join us Sunday September 29th – Bring your horse and join other Circle D members for a trail ride. The ride will start at the Bodega Bay Equestrian Trail Head off Bay Flat Rode and meander through the dunes on the way to the beach. If you would like to bring along folks that are not current members they can become members for the day. This is a self guided trail so we will be our own trail boss. The trail is not too difficult and can take anywhere from an hour and a half to 2 hours or as long as we want – depending on how much time is spent on the beach. We will gather at the trail head starting at 11:30 to head out on the trail by 12 noon – to allow for any fog to lift. The drive from Bodega Bay is approximately 2 hours from Vacaville to the trail head (without traffic). Each rider will be responsible for your own horse transportation though you can use the event group to set up ride sharing/car pooling if you’d like. This event is weather permitting and will be held only if there is enough member interest.
The intention for this ride is to promote our horse club, give potential members a chance to get to know us and for current members to get to know each other.